‘Tandem: A Tale of Shadows’: A Dual Mechanics Platformer

'Tandem: A Tale of Shadows' is an indie game with a dual mechanics system, puzzle-platformer elements, and a unique, mysterious atmosphere.

Monochrome Paris, an indie team from Paris, released Tandem: A Tale of Shadows on October 21, 2021. This indie game is unique in its style and mechanics. You will help Emma and Fenton (who, by the way, is a teddy bear) in their quest to find a magician named Thomas Kane. You can join the duo for a discounted price until October 27th on Steam.

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Monochrome Paris

Starting out in Paris in 2016, Monochrome Paris now has five people and a lot of projects. They consider themselves to be working at the “crossroads of art, brands and video games experiences.”

With multiple games in the works, diverse VR experiences produced, and other endeavours, Monochrome Paris is a very interesting indie team.

Tandem A Tale of Shadows Game News Indie Game Fans News
Emma’s world in Tandem: A Tale of Shadows

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Tandem‘s Gameplay

The main thing about Tandem is its core gameplay, which fits well into the style of the mysterious Kane Mansion. As Emma and Fenton explore the place, they take turns solving puzzles and doing some platforming. Emma’s puzzles let Fenton move forward, and Fenton helps Emma in turn.

Emma’s world is different from Fenton’s; it is filled with bright, magical colours, and you look at it from the top. Fenton, on the other hand, lives in a realm of shadows; his actions happen in a side-scroller fashion. Both worlds are dangerous, though, and the main characters can die.

With five chapters and 48 levels, you will have the time to master the techniques and challenge yourself with the increasing difficulty of Tandem.

Tandem A Tale of Shadows Game News Indie Game Fans News
Fenton’s world in Tandem: A Tale of Shadows

The game is gorgeous in its colours and imagination, which the reviews on Steam celebrate. The duality of the worlds punctuates the switching between characters. The two worlds are well-connected, too; Emma manipulates shadows in her own to help Fenton progress, and Fenton interacts with the shadow world, affecting Emma’s.

Overall, the developers came up with a great mechanics idea, and they managed to implement it and package it into wonderful graphics.

Tandem A Tale of Shadows Game News Indie Game Fans News
A boss in Tandem: A Tale of Shadows


Tandem: A Tale of Shadows is set in a magical and gorgeous but also very dangerous dual world. This indie game is a unique take on the puzzle-platformer genre with mystery at every corner. As you progress through the five chapters, you will help Emma and Fenton work in tandem to explore the Kane Mansion.

Until October 27th, you can purchase Tandem for a discounted price on Steam.