‘The Anacrusis’: Modding on the Edge of the Galaxy

A new challenger is entering the ring in the form of Stray Bombay’s first indie game, 'The Anacrusis' - a 4-player co-op first-person shooter with full modding support.
The Anacrusis

With the brilliant Back 4 Blood surging onto PC and Xbox on October 12th, the long awaited (unofficial) sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 has finally arrived.

However, there is one key part of Left 4 Dead‘s legacy which Turtle Rock chose to leave in the past – mod support. As other big budget game makers such as Rockstar and Bethesda continue to either monetise community modding or outright ban it in favour of their own live service options, indie titles are being left to pick up the slack.

With studios such as The Netherland’s StickyLock planning on providing modding tools to its community for its upcoming FPS Histera: Fall of Human, and titles like Stardew Valley making the most of the Steam Workshop, a new challenger is entering the ring in the form of Stray Bombay’s first game – The Anacrusis.

Founded in 2019 by ex-Valve employee Chet Faliszek and ex-Rioter Kimberly Voll and based in Seattle, Stray Bombay is an indie developer adding a stylish twist to Turtle Rock’s 4 player co-op legacy and carrying the torch for the modders who have kept Left 4 Dead‘s community content coming since release.

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Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

Set on the titular interstellar cruise ship The Anacrusis, floating on the fringes of explored space, it’s the 4-player co-op FPS action you know (with a sci-fi edge), that developers want the community to build with them.

‘At Stray Bombay, we think that mods, and the modders who make them, make games better. We’re launching with a selection of mods created by community members. Want to create mods for The Anacrusis? Join our Discord for updates and conversation about mod support.’ – Stray Bombay

And if you needed further confirmation that The Anacrusis has a love for modding baked into it at a foundational level, Stray Bombay’s YouTube channel is peppered with videos from Chet Faliszek called ‘Chet Plays Mods’ where he takes community mods for the likes of Day of Defeat, Castle Crashers and Left 4 Dead 2 out for a spin with their creators.

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Jump into Stray Bombay’s discord by clicking HERE or check out The Anacrusis‘ Steam page below.