All the Indies in the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase!

On Sunday the Xbox and Bethesda showcase from Microsoft happened, and it’s always one of the biggest presentations of the year, with 2022 being no exception

On Sunday the Xbox and Bethesda showcase from Microsoft happened, and it’s always one of the biggest presentations of the year, with 2022 being no exception. From the big names we got new Redfall gameplay, Riot games on game pass, forza motorsport, overwatch 2, minecraft legends, diablo 4, persona on game pass and a grand finale with a crazy starfield showcase.

But we’re not interested in the big AAA announcements here (well, maybe a little), we want to see what indies (or indie-adjascent) Microsoft brought, and like the rest of the showcases this summer of games it was a very healthy showing! Let’s dive in and take a look at what they have on offer;

Hollow Knight Silksong

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Everyone was waiting for ONE of these presentations to show it, and whilst we still don’t have a release date we now know it’ll be a day one game pass release when it does finally come out.

High on Life

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The new title from Squanch Games was announced, and it looks pretty cool, this time an FPS game that has plenty of gross body horror and wacky humor.


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Sadly this is one of the delay announcements from the show, this trailer shows us nothing new and moves the release date down a year.

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IT’S SCORN!! I’m always excited to see more from this game, and I can’t wait for it to release; which we now know will happen on October 21st, just in time for Halloween (and it’ll be on Game Pass too).

Flintlock: the Siege of Dawn

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Another new announcement, this third person action RPG looks flashy and fun with an interesting looking world we can’t wait to jump into, it’ll be available day one on game pass and it’ll be out in 2023.

Lightyear Frontier

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It’s a farming game… with a mech suit. The trailer gives Slime Rancher vibes by mixing farming with exploration in first person, it even has co-op. This title will release in Spring of 2023 as a day one game pass release.

Gunfire Reborn

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Gunfire Reborn is a shoot-em-up roguelike with chibi-style animal characters that will release in October.

The last case of Benedict Fox

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This gothic metroidvania has the titular character meshing with a strange entity to gain supernatural abilities. It’ll be out next Spring and will be on Game Pass day one.

As Dusk Falls

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The first game from INTERIOR/NIGHT, founded by ex-Quantic Dream devs, this narrative game features rotoscoped graphics and will be playable with up to eight people. It launches on July 19th and will be on Game Pass Day One.


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Obsidian’s new game is a 2D narrative crime story taking place in Bavaria in the 16th Century


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Finally, tiny little survival game Grounded is getting a full release! It’ll be leaving early access in September after three years.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

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This stylish stealth action game where you play as a supernaturally-powered person up against malicious machines was announced and will be releasing next year, coming to game pass on day one.


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From the devs of Echo Generation this voxel-ish action game has a 2023 release date and will be on game pass day one.


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From an ex-playdead game director, this title looks like a visual treat and has a fascinating and mind-bending puzzle mechanic.

And that was all! This could be the last showcase we write about here for this year’s Summer of Games (unless annapurna goes too hard to skip), but it’s been great to see all of the indie representation in these big showcases. If you want to see more Indies we post the latest and greatest indie news every day.