Unawake Video Game

Unawake Features Supernatural Melee Action

Indie publisher Toplitz Productions proudly announces its collaboration with Turkey-based RealityArts Studio. This is in preparation for the visually stunning, supernatural melee action game Unawake, which is slated for release sometime next year.

The new title by RealityArts Studio has already received several international awards, including the Epic MegaGrant–twice. This is likely due to its smooth game mechanics, primarily focusing on brute action in a dystopian apocalypse.

Unawake Video Game

RealityArts co-founder and renowned design icon Ismail “Ismael” Kemal Ciftcioglu takes the helm with audio-visual design. Unawake features a unique art direction and visual style that brings Ismael’s creative imagination to life after switching to Unreal Engine 5. The combat system combined with the dynamic soundtrack provides quite the experience–supernatural and sci-fi coming together as you try to survive an impending apocalypse wrought by angels and demons.

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Unawake Video Game

Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development Toplitz Productions, elaborates: “We are very much looking forward to this collaboration. Both the creative vision behind Unawake and the technical expertise that RealityArts Studio brings to the table, convinced us to support this project. With this visually very impressive action game we have the opportunity to efficiently expand the range of our portfolio and attract a new target audience for Toplitz’ titles.”

“We continue to enjoy complete creative freedom and can fully concentrate on development. I feel the support of the entire team at Toplitz and know that I can rely on decades of experience in publishing and marketing to present Unawake to the widest possible audience,” he adds, excited about the project.

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Unawake is set for launch in Q3 of 2023. For more information on the game, check out the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.