Ashen Knights: Foreshadow Video Game

Ashen Knights: Foreshadow to Drop New Trailer at TGS 2022

The indie developer Baykal Arts will be featuring their upcoming title on the grand stage of the Tokyo Game Show 2022. What we get is a brand new trailer for their first PC and console game Ashen Knights: Foreshadow. 

In the video, the developers will show the main characters and reveal the gameplay differences of the protagonists. The cinematic scenes showcase the gloomy atmosphere of the game’s dark world. The trailer will be presented in both Japanese and English.

Ashen Knights: Foreshadow Video Game

The combines isometric action with elements of two game styles: dynamic hack and slash and more tactical, punishing souls-like gameplay. The final version of the game promises a complex story set in the Middle Ages, and focuses on the struggle of two heroes against the mysterious evil that is rapidly taking over the world around them.

Ashen Knights: Foreshadow Video Game

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Also, in the second half of 2022, a free demo called Ashen Knights: One Passage will be released on Steam. The players will be able to get acquainted with some of the content and check out the gameplay features.

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Ashen Knights: Foreshadow is scheduled for release on PC, Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S, PS4/PS5, and Switch in the first half of 2023.