Kaichu - The Kaiju Dating Sim Video Game

Kaichu Proves that Giant Monsters can, indeed, Fall in Love

Developers Squiddershins have crafted one of the most intriguing titles to date. Kaichu embodies those particular, random thoughts that cross our mind on a lovely afternoon–thoughts we never truly act on. What if the monstrous kaji we’ve come to know and fear got into the most lovey-dovey situations? Aside from Ken Watanabe getting upset, apparently a good time.

Kaichu - The Kaiju Dating Sim Video Game

What we get is a fully-fleshed out dating sim about kaiju. You are Gigachu, a gargantuan love machine who’s decided to rampage on the dating scene. You’ll meet six other eligible kaiju and visit twenty-four famous landmarks, not to run amok, but to answer challenging dating questions to prove your worth to your kaiju waifu or husbando-to-be.

Kaichu - The Kaiju Dating Sim Video Game

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Like most dating sims, you’ll have access to multiple storylines and endings.Each of the six kaiju you’ll meet have their own storyline and relationship obstacles. You can take your time exploring the map and dating any kaiju from the start of the game at your own pace–just like in real life, but easier.

The 24 locations are all based on real landmarks and have their own optionally smashable monuments. Where Kaichu flips the script is with the compatibility questions. Instead of the usual dialogue prompts (which can be tough, not gonna lie), you’ll be quizzed based on each kaiju’s personality and preferences. The game is all wrapped up with beautifully painted backgrounds and hand TV-style animated kaiju with an original soundtrack by Clark Aboud from Kind Words and Slay the Spire fame.

Come on, what’s not to love about this?

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Kaichu is now available on PC, macOS, and Linux via itch.io.