Backbone, An Indie Animal Detective Game, Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Post-noir detective indie game Backbone has arrived to Nintendo Switch as of February 2022. 


Originally released for console and Windows back in June 2021, fans of the game have been rewarded for their patience with the Switch release eight months later, along with a surprise launch on Mac.

What is Backbone about?

Based in a gloomy dystopian Vancouver, players join the story as racoon private investigator Howard Lotor. This point-and-click roleplaying detective adventure sets you on a journey of discovery through the high resolution pixel art streets, connecting with animal creatures to crack your biggest case yet. 

Dialogue options are inspired by old-school CRPGs, and deeply entrenched with themes of systemic discrimination, power, and mortality, with storylines intent on grasping at players’ heartstrings with strong emotions. 

Player choices result in different endings to the game’s story, so players must decide what kind of person – sorry, raccoon – they’d like to become. Are you a good cop, determined to seek out justice no matter what the cost? Or are you more likely to be swayed to darker paths on the quest for the truth?

Backbone is developed by indie game development team Eggnut, a collective of creators based all over the globe in Canada, Russia, USA and the Netherlands. Published by Raw Fury, this award-winning indie thriller joins the indie publishing juggernauts who have brought us beloved titles including Townscaper, Kathy Rain, and Sable.

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Where can I play Backbone?

Right now, Backbone is available for console players on Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, and for PC players via Steam,, and the Epic Games store. 

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