The Serpent Rogue: Launch Date Confirmed For April 2022

Indie medieval fantasy The Serpent Rogue launches on April 26th 2022, confirms Ukraine-based development studio Sengi Games. First teased back in December 2018 as a “roguelite in the middle ages”, fans of The Serpent Rogue won’t have long to wait until the indie game launches in just under two months’ time.

What is The Serpent Rogue?

In the fantastical realm of The Serpent Rogue, explore a mythical land as a plague doctor protagonist known as The Warden. With elements of RPG and Metroidvania, this medieval action adventure relies on the choices you make to determine the outcomes of the world around you, unearthing secrets and horrors at every turn.

Collect and care for creatures on Mount Morbus, brew concoctions, experiment with multiple types of potions at your mixing table, and develop your alchemy skills to perform animal enhancements and help the citizens of the cursed land.

The first title developed by Sengi Games and published by Team17 (the publishers behind other indie titles such as Overcooked and What The Golf!), The Serpent Rogue looks to be an exciting new game for fans of challenging and mystical roguelike games.

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Where can I play The Serpent Rogue?

From April 26th 2022, The Serpent Rogue will be available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.Can’t wait that long? Download the free demo via Steam to have a sneak peek at the full release of The Serpent Rogue.

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