BAFTA-nominated Airborne Kingdom takes flight on PC and console

The sky city builder awaits. Create your own flying kingdom and lead it on a quest across an expansive world. Explore the varied landscape, build up a floating metropolis, aid struggling people below, uncover lost secrets and, ultimately, bring back the Airborne Kingdom legend.

Prepare for takeoff! Building castles in the clouds has never been easier – Airborne Kingdom has now launched on PC and console. Floating through the air, players are tasked with building their new airborne civilization from scratch, and growing from small towns into a thriving metropolis. The indie sky city building simulator has already received critical acclaim, with a BAFTA nomination for Best Debut Game in 2021 during its development phase.

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What is Airborne Kingdom?

There have been rumors and legends abound of a kingdom that floated through the sky. Now, your job is to build your own Airborne Kingdom, and bring the legend back to life.

Airborne Kingdom combines elements of sandbox strategy with city building and management mechanics, all wrapped up within a bundle of stunning art styles. Starting out with small cities free-floating in the air, players must construct their own bustling metropolis in the sky, managing everything from the layout of their budding kingdoms to its townsfolk. Research technologies, gather resources, and gain the allegiance of surrounding kingdoms to further your progress and establish your airborne kingdom as the greatest in the land.

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Whether you’re wrapped up in building the biggest and best city stretching out to the horizon, or exploring the local area and aiding the earth-dwelling inhabitants below you, there looks to be something for everyone to enjoy. This game seems to be a great fit for fans of city builders like Cities: Skylines or Townscaper.

Airborne Kingdom was developed by The Wandering Band, a small team of indie game developers with decades in AAA game development working on franchises including Dragon Age and Battlefield, and published by Freedom Games, the indie games publisher behind other indie titles including To The Rescue! and Sands Of Aura.

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Where can I play Airborne Kingdom?

Airborne Kingdom is now available on Steam (for PC and Mac) and the Epic Games Store,  and on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Wishlist today on Steam, and stay tuned for more indie game news coming your way very soon.