Create civilisation in prehistoric City Builder Sapiens

From developer Majic Jungle comes an all new city-builder, and I’m calling it that because in this game the concept of a city is, in fact, all-new. Sapiens is an expansive building sim where you grow your tribe from primitive hunters to a flourishing civilisation over the span of thousands of years. It’s making its debut very soon, but I’ll talk about that more in a bit. Sapiens aims to be accessible to all, easy to pick up for those new to the genre but offering huge depth for veterans, so anyone can create a sprawling civilisation.

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You can assign different jobs to members of your tribe, including hunting, gathering, investigation or diplomacy, anything you need them to do to advance society. Whether you send your Sapiens to look for resources in far-off lands or task them with creating new technology, it’s up to you to decide what is needed to help expand. You have to manage their mood, build shelters and keep them happy to make sure everything and everyone is in optimal working spirit. ‘With every aspect of the game and its world interactable, right down to placing every wall, seat or fireplace, you will need to determine how your settlement is built and maintained.’

Sapiens features a ‘deep technology tree’ to ‘unlock new abilities that allow sapiens to build tools and improve living conditions’. There is also a map, which players will need to pay close attention to, as some of them bring new challenges including weather effects and seasons.

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Sapiens is set to release into Early Access on June 13th as part of Steam next fest and will include extensive mod support. For more info about the game check out the development vlogs and for more indie game news be sure to check out our other articles.

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