Become a Whole New You with The Shapeshifter 2

Greenboy Games, a one-man developing crew just dropped the digital version of ‘The Shapeshifter 2’ exclusively for all Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers. Efforts have indeed been rewarded.

The game features an old-school adventure experience set in a mysterious elven world where the supernatural has become commonplace. Players take on the role of Elliot, an individual deemed worthy to receive the power of shapeshifting. With this newfound ability, he can, of course, shapeshift into any animal that he touches. He can fly, swim, and sound off the same way any animal could–limitations being the kinds of animals he’ll have access to.

The Shapeshifter 2 Game

The Shapeshifter 2 introduces the first and only Game Boy mechanic that requires 2 cartridges to play–an innovation that may seem daunting at first, but yields a whole lot of intrigue if we’re being completely honest. Like most immersive titles, the game takes note of the player’s personal choices. It is very well possible to experience multiple adventures, plot twists, and endings during each run, giving players that old school “choose an adventure” feeling. A pleasant, and welcome nostalgia trip.

Inside the box, we get the game itself in cartridge format. Key features include a coded load and save system, more than 4 hours of play time per run, animated pixel-art graphics, and a musical score composed by Cesc Mozota and Oscar Latorre. Being a Game Boy title, it will be compatible with all handhelds of the same platform.

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The physical version of ‘The Shapeshifter 2’ will be available in September. Pre-orders of the physical version are open until August 1, 2022.


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