BONEWORKS sequel announced… kinda

BONELAB is an experimental physics action game. Explore a mysterious lab filled with weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets. Escape your reality, or wreak havoc. No wrong answers.

Stress Level Zero revolutionised the VR scene with Boneworks, after moderate success with their previous titles ‘Duck Season’ and ‘Hover Junkers’, no one could have known how enormous Boneworks would become, to the point where Valve invited the developers in to consult on Half-Life Alyx, which would release a little over a year after Boneworks. The game showed how interaction could be done in VR, and how suspension of disbelief can trick the mind into many things.

Since it’s release, the game has had great support from SLZ, with the addition of a Hover Junkers mode, new survival arenas and an entire zombie survival challenge, but a little under a year ago SLZ went quiet on the game, and we were all left to wonder what was to come…

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Finally, at the Meta Showcase this week, BONELAB has been revealed. The only details we have for the game are as follows; ‘Sentenced to death, you embody an outcast escaping fate. Discovering a pathway to a hidden underground research facility. A series of challenging experiments and discoveries await. A road to the truth calls from the void. Boneworks’ realistic physics systems fully improved and polished. Interact with the game world with consistent confidence. Using a variety of ranged, melee, and exotic physics weapons, engage enemy encounters with an entire armory at your disposal. After discovering an underground lab in MythOS city, you will have access to a variety of game locations including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user generated levels. Collecting items, avatars, and clues from these locations enable you to progress through the mysterious story.’

Now you may notice, in that last sentence, the use of the phrase ‘avatars’, and this is the biggest surprise from the game. According to the developers, ‘Custom avatar importing enables you to play through the game looking however you want, with physical stats to match.’ It seems that you can now be whoever or whatever you want within the world of boneworks within this game.

I could talk for pages more about analysis of all the hidden details and clues to things about the game hidden in the trailer, but I don’t know if either of us have the time, I recommend looking at it yourself and getting just as excited as I am.

For more information, go to the official Steam, website, and Twitter, wishlist the game, and I’ll see you in MythOS!