Piece Together the Pixels of Mercury Abbey’s Mystery

What is the truth? In Mercury Abbey's Mystery, you must piece together the pixels of this strange world to determine what is real and what's not.

YiTi games, developers of upcoming mystery Mercury Abbey, have recently released the game’s prologue as a playable demo, which gives prospective players about 40 minutes of new gameplay. An official description of the game states that ‘The game tells the story of the novel writer Harrod bring his nephew Willie to Mercury Abbey to take a relax, however they encounter mysterious events there and start an exciting adventure.  Both Harrod and Willie are playable in the demo, you need to use each character’s ability to overcome the puzzles.’

This story is brought to life with brilliant pixel art and animation which emboldens some fantastic character and environment designs. According to the developers there is a special focus on the world of the game, with plenty of interesting culture and lore details to discover. The central mystery of the game centres around the titular abbey, from which a dangerous curse is spreading. This demo helps players get acquainted with this world by including ‘archives’, full of detailed character information, images, and documents.

Mercury Abbey is scheduled to be released in 2022; the Demo is available on Steam and itch.io, and you can follow the game’s development on the official Twitter. For a taste of what the game is, you can see the trailer.

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