Breakwaters: Seaside Survival Available in Early Access Now

Breakwaters is the first game from Soaring Pixels, a small indie studio based in Redmond, Washington. Self described as an ‘island hopping survival adventure’  Breakwaters takes 3D survival, action-adventure elements and combines them with options for solo and co-op play. In the game, you encounter titans – giant monsters that are all that’s left from past civilisations that wreak havoc and destruction upon the world. Other gameplay includes having to harvest crystals, collect resources by diving into the ocean, build structures, and help those around you. The crystals you are able to harvest from the game world allow you to move and displace water, Breakwater’s most notable mechanic. Soaring Pixel’s Games’ Twitter page note that Breakwaters is the largest ocean simulator to date, which offers a great addition into perhaps an overlooked genre of game. As you build the structures, you can do so in a way that will interact with the water: you can ‘turn a valley into a lake’ or even ‘open the doors and flood the lowlands.’

Breakwaters is available on Steam for £15.49, and its current review status is ‘mixed’, which is to be expected from an early access game. Additionally, the Steam reviews appear to be hopeful, noting the potential for Breakwaters as it continues to develop, as well as its interesting and original mechanics. Soaring Pixels Games has a Discord server which appears to be their main form of communication with those playing the early access version. You can report bugs on both their Steam Discussion as well as their Discord page. If you’re interested in early-access games or playtesting, it looks to be a refreshing take on survival games, especially with its co-op feature, and if you’d rather wait for a full-release, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

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