Build the Ultimate Drive and Tear Up the Track

It’s lights out and away we go for Polish studio Cat-astrophe and publisher MobilWay S.A. on May 25th with the release of their new racer; Mechanic Battle on Nintendo Switch. A hybrid of racing and car modding, its an indie title worth getting behind the wheel of if you’re a petrolhead with a Switch handy.

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Image Credit: MobilWay S.A.

Drive to Survive

Part micro-machines, part car mechanic simulator, Mechanic Battle gives you a car to drive and the parts to tune it into winning shape. Alongside cosmetic customization options that cover wheel rims, body paint jobs and spoilers you’ll have to pick the ideal build of tyres, engine, suspension, nitrous and more to give  you the edge you need not just to finish races but to climb that podium again and again. 

There are 3 game modes to burn rubber in and 24 tracks to burn rubber on. Classic race is straightforward – get round the track faster than everyone else, in time attack you don’t have to cross the line first but you do have to drive the fastest lap, and elimination which usually means that the drivers in last place are eliminated every lap until 1 remains.

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Box, box, box

Battle Mechanic is screeching onto the Nintendo eshop on May 25th and if you want to get a feel for  a Cat-astrophe driving game before then when not check out their unholy union of car combat and football game, Foodtruck Arena which has a free demo availible on Steam now.

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