You Suck At Parking. There I said it.

Belgium’s Happy Volcano Games are putting the park in parkour with their new racing game You Suck at Parking where the goal, is to stop. Buckle up, prime the airbags and check those mirrors like your life depends on it because this is the extreme parking experience your driving instructor always feared they would find themselves in. 

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Image Credit: Happy Volcano

Like A Glove

Parallel parking is getting its groove back as You Suck At Parking offers up over 100 wild levels of parking pandemonium. Race as hard as you can to the designated parking space and slot yourself in style, whether screeching to a halt after a gravity defying leap, or sprinkling a little Tokyo on your drift around a tight bend (If you seen it, then you mean it then you know you have to go). And with plenty of customization options including wild roof ornaments, vibrant paint jobs and colourful trails blazing in your wake, you can look good while you do it.

Tired of seeing your buddies with their hands on their hips as you parallel park way too cautiously in a space big enough for a jumbo jet irl? YSAP has you covered with online multiplayer with up to 8 players that lets you give your friends the ‘hard shoulder’ as you go head to head to grab the spaces before they do. Dominance over your friends not enough? Then the world might have to be – climb the global leader boards and compete to rule the parking lot once and for all.

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Is that clutch I smell?

You Suck At Parking is coming soon and the experience is ‘ever growing’ according to the devs. Want to give this uniquely wacky brand of indie racer a go? Fortunately you can with the free demo now live on Steam!

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