chinese folklore-inspired ‘dreamcore psycho-horror’ No Return revealed

BlameTech, who previously created ‘My Time at Portia’, have announced their new title, having previously demoed the game under a variety of names and titles. No Return is being listed as a ‘first-person dreamcore psychological horror’ game, and will be seen next at their ‘enter the dragon’ showcase. 

An official description of the game reads; ‘Set in modern-day China, ‘No Return’ follows the protagonist as he returns from work to his family home, only to find it transformed and twisted into a nightmarish never-ending loop. Players will follow the protagonist’s journey as he embarks on a mind-shattering quest that fuses fantasy with reality as he scavenges for clues to piece together what has happened.’

The game is set to blend modern tech-horror and elements of Chinese folklore to add some real spice to this horrifying mystery. Players are trapped in a series of never-ending corridors and rooms, reminiscent of the main character’s home but twisted into uncanny nightmares. 

Stated to be releasing later this year, you can wishlist ‘No Return’ on steam now, and you can see the trailer here.

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