Co-op FPS RIPOUT is pure classic terror

Pet Project Games has announced RIPOUT, a horror sci-fi first person shooter where you use a strange ‘PetGun’ and take on terrifying monstrosities in the cold dark depths of space with up to three players. This is the most ambitious project so far from the developer, and there’s a chance for you to play it right now! Explore a variety of procedurally generated ships and fight to survive against nightmarish creatures that can adapt and reconfigure into even more deadly designs. Every run is unique, with a range of different objectives, enemies and upgrade options.

RIPOUT Console Game

Inspired by classic sci-fi horror like The Fly and The Thing, RIPOUT transports players to 2084 to uncover the mystery behind a genetically engineered bioweapon that has wiped out mankind. Players can look forward to the ‘fully fleshed out’ experience when the game releases later this year, but right now you can access a Demo on Steam Next Fest that includes two procedurally generated missions alongside a tutorial level that can be played on your own or with two other online players. 

The unique PetGun is a living, breathing being that you can transform and evolve with powerful upgrades to take enemies apart more effectively, and speaking of enemies; this demo lets you get a taste of RIPOUT’s most grotesque enemies, which can combine with smaller creatures to gain their abilities. Learn and exploit their weaknesses to survive.

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The Steam Next Fest demo is playable until June 20th, but you can wishlist now on Steam. The game is also in development for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S. For more information, visit, follow the title on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and join the community on Discord.

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