Explore the depths and learn about the Ocean in subROV: Underwater Discoveries

subROV: Underwater Discoveries is an accessible simulation game where you learn to operate a submarine ROV and embark on dives the world around.

Explore the oceans in this upcoming science sim where you pilot a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) on research missions around the world! SubROV: Underwater Discoveries comes from Sqr3lab and is partially funded by the National Science foundation and is supported by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and the Schmidt Ocean Institute. These institutions are providing the devs with scientific advice and several of their real research dives will be recreated in the game.

subROV : Underwater Discoveries Online Game

In this upcoming title you can choose from multiple dives with various objectives, charting the sea floor and performing scientific observations. You control an oceanographic vessel, a full-ocean-depth rated ROV, which has an array of advanced tools including sonar, AI-assisted scanner, articulated arm, temperature sensors, landers, sediment corers and gas samplers. It’s up to you to rendezvous with ocean buoys and download scientific data and information on new points of interest, Explore isolated trenches, survey unknown wreckages and study creatures barely known to science.

Between missions you can visit the gallery to keep track of and learn more about your discoveries, and with each mission you do you gain more experience to rise the ranks from trainee to dive master.

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You can try this gae out soon, with subROV : Underwater Discoveries participating in Steam’s Next Fest starting June 13th, with a demo available for everyone to try. To keep up with development on the game go to their official Twitter.