Roniu’s Tale Puzzle Game

Dare to Escape the Puzzle Dungeon of Roniu’s Tale

Mega Cat Studios and developer Kunjee Studio just dropped some news in the form of a brand new launch trailer of their intense action-puzzler Roniu’s Tale. Paying sweet homage to our favorite puzzle classics, this reimagining sends players to a magical world of magic and mystery, with a little bit of fun–as one would expect.

Roniu’s Tale Puzzle Game

Kunjee Studio’s Rafael Barradas brings the new trailer to life, as it features Roniu, an aspiring run-away magician, who manages to find himself stuck in an inescapable magic dungeon due to the usual hijinks and shenanigans. What follows is a quest to find the right kind of magic to set yourself free, and conquer whatever obstacles stand in your way.

The game showcases single-player, puzzle-driven mechanics, enveloped in an inescapable lair filled to the brim with enemies. With 40 levels of puzzling action, you’re tasked with collecting orbs and keys to escape the dungeon with a little help from a mysterious friend.

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The Roniu’s Tale complete in-box set is available now on the Mega Cat Studios website. You can also enter their giveaway to win a Roniu’s Tale game cartridge. The game is still in the works, with no specific date for launch. As for the giveaway, the winner will be selected on September 26th, 2022.