Deck-building RPG Battlejuice just made a huge step forward!!

Alchemical Works has just announced that their deck-building action RPG Battlejuice Alchemist has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. 

In 2019 Epic Games pledged $100 million to supporting creators of all kind, from students to indie studios, from enterprise professionals to tool creators for the unreal engine, the Epic MegaGrants scheme allows anyone to apply for the opportunity to gain a small financial boon to their project, and the latest Indie team to benefit from this is Alchemical works. AW is an independent German studio responsible for Battlejuice Alchemist, which is available now  during it’s alpha playtest on Steam. The game has you playing as the alchemist, Juice, who has been hired to fight the demons that roam the lands. In this procedurally generated world that exists in the aftermath of New England you will ‘Fight evil in classic action RPG isometric top down view and in bullet-time close combat.’

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“I am a big fan of Unreal Engine. It is so accessible, especially its blueprint system gives developers like me who do not consider themselves a programmer first the opportunity to tackle big projects. Beside providing this great tool, Epic Games financially supports game developers and other creators using it. About half a year ago I applied for an Epic MegaGrant and two days ago I received a congratulatory mail of acceptance from Epic Games. I am incredibly thankful and excited to be counted among the recipients,” says Alain Brunotte, the CEO of Alchemical Works, who is now committed to developing BattleJuice Alchemist full-time. “The MegaGrant comes just at the right point in time for us, I almost can’t believe it. I am looking forward to the next months of development. We are currently working on many exciting things that we want to share with the community soon.”

You can follow the development of Battlejuice Alchemist on Discord, Twitter and Youtube, and you can Wishlist the game on Steam. For more information go to the game’s official website, and for more of the breaking news about the latest Indie titles, be sure to stay tuned into Indie Game Fans.

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