Defend your home in Dome Keeper!

From German dev duo Bippinbits and Norco and Sable publisher Raw Fury comes Dome Keeper, a roguelike-tower-defence-strategy-mining game. Today it was announced that, in time for Steam Next Fest, the game is receiving a new demo which features big improvements from the last time players could get their hands on the game. This includes improved sound and music as well as more mines to explore and, most pertinently, a complete graphical overhaul of the game.

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In Dome Keeper you must defend your dome from wave after wave of hostile attacks; ‘Strategically spend your time between each attack digging beneath the surface in search of valuable resources. Use them carefully on powerful upgrades to help you stay alive and make it to the next world.’

The game features easy-to-learn gameplay with many ways to carve out your own playstyle. There are multiple dome types for you to choose, different characters to unlock and gadgets to use as you explore the depths. You can also unlock numerous upgrades in a skill tree that asks you to make tough decisions. As you dig deeper into the caves between attack waves you will find more and more valuable resources, but keep an eye on the clock because the next wave is always short behind the last.

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Dome Keeper will be playable in its latest form on Steam from June 6 at 17 CEST/11 ET / 8 PT. The game will also take an active part in Steam Next Fest as it prepares to release on PC in Q4 2022. If you want to follow the game’s development then you can follow Raw Fury on Twitter.

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