Discover the Secrets of Classified Stories: Color Out of Space

Classified Stories: Color Out of Space has been launched by studio RVL today. This horror-puzzle FPS focuses entirely on exploration and discovery, with elements of occult and extraordinary. Founded in 2009 by Raul Gogescu, RVL Games is an indie team of 2 that believes in creating games that they are passionate about and would like to play themselves. We are enthusiasts who want to make their dream come true.

Classified Stories: The Color Out of Space

This free title is inspired, predictably, by the classic Lovecraft story of the same name. According to an official description; ‘The action takes place in the present day, in an isolated part of [REDACTED] town, in the [REDACTED] county. You arrive at the location searching for the recently missing girls, but soon you find out that something bad happened there.’

This is only part one of this story, consisting of a 10-20 minute experience that anyone can enjoy now. This second chapter is free and acts as a demo, with a larger experience being available in Classified Stories: The Tome of Myrkah. More chapters are planned to release in the coming year though, so keep an eye out for more!

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Pick up the game here on Steam, as well as the previous chapter, and follow it on Steam and the studio on Twitter in order to keep up with development.


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