Do things differently (but not necessarily better) in the Hipster Cafe Demo

Armed with only a trust fund and the drive to stand out from the crowd, you can change the world (or just one part of town) forever in Hipster Café! Created by developer Useful Slug, responsible for games like Bathleships and Ludus, Hipster Cafe is a business tycoon game coming to PC, with Mac and Linux support coming in future, after the initial release.

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In the game, players will ‘Make stupid food, serve it on a skateboard, and impress your friends by drawing in your coffee.’ You can fully customise your cafe to look exactly how you want or how you hate, and fill the space with ‘the latest greatest entertainments and distractions. You should probably put an axe throwing range in your café, that seems safe.’ But it’s not all silly food design and confusing ‘artistic’ decor, you need to stay up to date on all of the latest in-game social media trends, sending ‘toots’ of all your changes and meals with all the hashtags it needs to get the most engagement possible before the ‘hot take’ timer runs out.

An official game description reads; ‘Use your trust fund to buy up some old warehouse building in the run down part of town then market it to the nouveau riche in a cynical attempt to drive up property prices. Call dad when you run out of money and hope he doesn’t make you get a ‘real job’. Can you successfully navigate the shifting waters of pop culture in order to market your eatery to the hippest demographic?’

Hipster Cafe Game News Indie Game Fans News

You can experience Hipster Cafe during the Steam Next Fest, as it’s got a brand new demo available for players to jump into. If you like what you play during the demo you can also Wishlist the game on Steam.

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