Escape True Bullet Hell in Intense Action FPS Scathe

Scathe is an intense, blood-soaked FPS where quick reflexes are the key to surviving the bullet Hell labyrinth that stands between you and your ascension.

We all love shooting demons, I think we can agree, and there’s no better reason to do that than to prove yourself to none other than the divine creator. In this game, players take on the role of the titular Scathe, enforcer of the legions of hell, as Scathe you must fight through a ‘deviously crafted maze, entangled with demonic evil at every twist and turn.’

In this intense FPS you’ll wield big guns and take on even bigger demons. The brute strength and extreme speed of Scathe are your best tool to help you purge hell of its most grotesque abonomations as you search for the hellstones, protected by all-powerful guardians. You’ll need to have quick reflexes and an itchy trigger finger to make your way out, ‘So, grab your Hellhammer, lock’n’load and get ready to unleash your almighty fury!’

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In what looks to be a bullet-hell take on Doom, Scathe will be releasing this spring on PC and Consoles, Scathe can be played in single-player or in drop-in/drop-out coop, for which the game will support full crossplay; ‘Call upon up to three friends to join the fight. Choose your kin wisely, because in Scathe, everyone shares the same pool of lives.’

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Choose your own path through the game’s hand-crafted zones, and collect the runes that you need to progress, smiting everything that stands in your way using Scathe’s ‘insanely powerful arsenal of weapons, each equipped with a devastating secondary fire. Spew hellfire with the Hot Hatch or slice through endless evil with the buzz saw launcher, Bow Blade.’

Scathe will be coming to PlayStation 4/5 as well as Xbox Series S/X and PC in 2022, and you can wishlist the game right now on Steam. Keep up to date with development news on the game’s website and on the game’s Twitter. This is the debut title from Damage state, a studio formed in 2019 by three ex-AAA industry developers with a focus on creating premium titles.

As well as the new trailer, Scathe will be getting a brand new Demo during the Steam Next Festival, which runs from the 21st to the 28th of February.

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