Doge Trader Brings Some Crypto Critiquing

Polish studio RymPow is looking to bring an in-depth, critical, but entertaining commentary on the crypto industry with “Doge Trader”. In the game, you are, indeed, a troubled ‘Doge’, who’s eager to learn about the ins and outs of trading and everything blockchain. Profit is the name of the game–well, figuratively.

Dominik Zielinski, CEO of RymPow gives a few of his thoughts on the inception of Doge Trader, and how it provides a bit of commentary for both crypto critics and enthusiasts alike.

Doge Trader Video Game

“With Doge Trader, I wanted the game to be fun and have a lot of replay value, but also to teach about [the] crypto market. Is crypto good or bad? It’s neither, it’s just something we will have to live with from now on”

The gameplay combines one-button clicking, memes, visual novel mechanics coupled with abilities and perks. The game prioritizes meaningful choices and resource management in order to maximize “stonks” and hopefully, not go broke. There’s a lot of realism tied to the game as you’ll buy, trade, and sell your way to crypto and NFT supremacy. This is definitely looking to be both an educational and quite entertaining piece of media in the form of a new game.

Most popular news:

Doge Trader is being developed for PC and will be released on Steam in late 2022. For more information, check out their official page.


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