Doko Roko is One Flashy and Slash-Y Platformer

Doko Roko, is an atmospheric 2D action platformer that promises a ‘slashing’ good time.

Developer Ericsmack is bringing quite the swashbuckling, Errol Flynn-esque sidescrolling experience you’ve yet to hear of. Enter Doko Roko, an atmospheric 2D action platformer that promises a ‘slashing’ good time.

Doko Roko Video Game

The game focuses on swift, evasive, and fluid sword combat as you dodge and vault over enemies and obstacles. Slice and dice your way through a picturesque, techno-magical landscape filled with hordes of demons. Your impeccable swordplay will come into…well, play as you ascend the floors of a mysterious, ancient tower ravaged by time.

Doko Roko Video Game

There’s a lot to unpack in terms of visuals, as you’ll be reminded of a few 90s metroidvanias–the great ones. The combat is fast-paced, with a variety of swords in your arsenal, all of which have their own situational uses. You’ll get your obligatory, yet satisfying boss battles plus a nice touch of storytelling. With music and sound by Marcus Seletsky and work on the additional visuals by Alex Sussman, it’s quite the audio-visual buffet.

All this, wrapped in very nostalgic, beautifully done pixel art. Check out the trailer.

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Doko Roko is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux via