Vampire Survivors Video Game

Vampire Survivors Makes a Frightful Appearance on Steam

Developers HTML5 released Vampire Survivors some time ago to a bit of a crowd pop from gamers who followed its inception. Now, we’ll be able to experience the time-based, bullet-hell, quite literal survival horror on Steam. 

The story is set in the year 2021 in rural Italy. Bisconte Draculó, as you might infer, is the resident terrible overlord whose evil magic molded the world around into a more horrific landscape filled with darkness, famine, and suffering. Now, it’s now up to the Belpaese family to defeat the evil viscount and end his reign of terror and end everyone’s suffering. Do the names sound familiar? Never mind that. Let’s move on.

Vampire Survivors Video Game

This title is a timed survival game that combines minimalistic gameplay with roguelite elements, ensuring a level of action–packed, bullet-hell replayability. Steam’s Early Access version currently has 7 characters, 22 different weapons, and 12 power-ups to help you mow down foes. With 10 pickups and 23 achievements, you’ll have quite a bit of fun, even though there’s 1 solitary stage.

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Vampire Survivors is currently available on Steam Early Access and with mouse, keyboard, controller, and touch screen support.