Dooria – Peaceful Puzzling

Dooria: An Indie Puzzle Game with a Charming Personality

Since its release in July 2020, Dooria has received just nine reviews. It is a shame; the game is charming, meditative, and challenging, which are amazing qualities for a puzzle. Let’s take a look at the free demo and figure out what Dooria is all about.

Dooria Game Article Indie Game Fans Article
Beautiful and charming, Dooria also offers a challenging gameplay

Paper Atom Games

It looks like Dooria is the only game by the Paper Atom developer Gene Lange. Gene Lange, who is the only member of Paper Atom, was also collaborating with Muir Freeland of Sky Tyrannosaur for this project. With their YouTube Channel and, the developers offer a game guide, as well as a free demo on and Steam

Dooria Game Article Indie Game Fans Article
Enjoy the meditative music while trying to solve the puzzles

Dooria’s Style and Gameplay

Dooria is a puzzle indie game with an experimental approach both to puzzles and visual components. You control a lady in a red coat, trying to help her find the door that will leave to the next level. There are hints on how to do that, but you might need a little time to figure out all the rules.

Dooria Game Article Indie Game Fans Article
The goal is to travel through different doors in search of the exit

As you complete a puzzle, you are moved onto the next stage, which has visual differences and a new challenge. The demo offers just a glimpse into the gameplay, but it is enough to figure out if the gameplay seems interesting.

Dooria Game Article Indie Game Fans Article
The puzzles evolve over time

The visuals and sound design can be considered another draw of this indie game. The music of the demo is beautiful and meditative, which transforms the search for the solution into a relaxing experience. The visuals are very unique and gorgeous, giving the game its own little personality. There is an intro, which shows how Dooria tells its story as well. 

Overall, the demo offers a good overview of what Dooria should look, sound and feel like.

Dooria Game Article Indie Game Fans Article
The tutorial offers some guidance, and the difficulty of the puzzles will increase over time

Who Would Enjoy the Game?

Dooria is a puzzle game, and a pretty challenging one at that. It is not impossible to stumble your way through it, but it is best to come in knowing that you want an experimental, interesting series of puzzles. That said, Dooria’s visuals and storytelling are worth talking about as well. The game is just pleasant to be in, has beautiful music and unique design, which make it worth a try as long as you enjoy a puzzle. The game guide might help as well, but the best thing is that Dooria has a short demo that can tell you if you want to experience the whole thing. Check it out!

Dooria Game Article Indie Game Fans Article
The charming graphics and silent storytelling with meditative music are the soul of Dooria


A challenging and experimental indie game by just two people, Dooria offers a free demo for those who want a taste of what it has to show for itself. Dooria includes a puzzle-centered gameplay, with you figuring out the rules to each new challenge, as well as beautiful, almost meditative music and gorgeous, unique visuals. 

Check it out on or Steam and try the free demo to figure out if you want to play this indie game!

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