Rubber Bandits: NEW Endless Brawl Mode + DLC

The Danish indie game development team Flashbulb Games has been busy with heaps of new content for their beat-em-up party game, Rubber Bandits. 

January saw the addition of Endless Brawl Mode to the game, as well as the introduction of a new free Wild Pack DLC (featuring five new animal character skins). Rubber Bandits also celebrated the Lunar New Year as a limited-time event, featuring exclusive new skins, weapons, and levels, finishing on February 10th.

About Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits is a physics-based beat-’em-up brawler that can be played either solo via the Arcade mode, or with up to 4 friends in multiplayer Brawl, Endless Brawl, and Heist modes. Players choose their own unique characters – ranging from a greedy granny to a terrifyingly ominous giant banana – and battle it out against the cops or each other to steal as much loot as they can and escape with the goods to win. 

Multiplayer game modes see escaped players return as the cops to sabotage their friends’ efforts and send them off to jail, adding a fun twist to a traditional brawling arena.

The game prides itself on providing new and interesting content at every turn, with new outrageous outfits and weapons to choose from – including jetpacks, freeze rays, grenades, baguettes, and inflatable flamingos.

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What new Rubber Bandits content can we expect in the future?

The Flashbulb Games team are far from resting on their laurels, with lots of new teased content in the works for the rest of 2022. 

Sharing their roadmap via Steam in late December, the studio announced the introduction of several new content packs and DLCs – from ‘food bandits’, to the inclusion of more weapons, new levels, and more game modes to keep players coming back for more. 8-player compatibility and bandit customization may also be included in the future, making Rubber Bandits an even more chaotic multiplayer experience.

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