Speed runner can win $3000 in the Grapple Dog Speedrun Contest!

To celebrate the release of Grapple Dog, the swinging, zipping, blasting new platformer from Medallion Games, them and Super Rare Originals have announced the World 1 Speedrun Contest; complete with a $3000 prize pool!

If you can make it through the first six levels (and the first boss battle) in a faster time than everyone else, then you could be up for the prize! Runs are submitted and verified through Speedrun.com, and the $3000 will be split between the top 10 places. 

Aa a warmup, Global Speedrun Authority will be streaming their own tournament starting on Saturday 12th at 6PM GMT.

You can see various speedrunners attempt the challenge at twitch, including EZScape,TheMexicanRunner, JJsrl, Hendrixx, iPK, Oshikorosu, and LilKirbs. 

If you want to ge involved, or just play the game for fun, it’s now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam. For the full competition T&Cs you can go here, and we wish you luck in this challenge!

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