Duskwood is over…

Everbyte has released the tenth (and final) part of the episodic interactive detective story Duskwood! This episode is the longest one in the entire game and looks to finally unmask the nefarious culprit of the mysterious disappearance of Hannah. The devs say that this episode easily has the highest production value of any episode and have also stated that; ‘According to testers the final of the game series is an emotional rollercoaster ride that has multiple twists’. Duskwood is considered by some as one of the best interactive detective stories on mobile, and now that the story is available in its entirety it’s a great time to pick the game up. 

There have been rumours of a sequel, or perhaps a second season, but nothing has been officially confirmed by the devs as of yet. According to Everbyte, however, there is information about their next project hidden in the final episode that will become ‘available to players once they’ve solved the case.

Duskwood Finale Release Game News

Played in a fake messenger app, you receive a multitude of media and messages and have to piece together the mystery of Hannah’s disappearance using the images, voice messages, phone calls and videos you receive; but on your quest to find the kidnapper you put yourself in the crosshairs. The phone calls can even be used against you later on in the game, but you have to play it to find out more about that…

Duskwood takes place in a small, quaint village surrounded by dense forest; hence, presumably, the name. Now that Hannah has disappeared the claims that the town is strange and even scary seem to be coming true. An official plot description reads; ‘A girl has disappeared and the mysterious legends that are surrounding the ancient forest seem to come alive… There is no trace of the kidnapped girl Hannah Donford. At least not until her friends receive a message from her phone. This message only contains a phone number… your phone number! This strange circumstance brings the group new hope, but what does that mean for you? … Will you respond?’

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The game is entirely free, and available in a multitude of languages. You can pick it up right now on Android via the Google Play Store or iOS via the App Store. To find out more you can visit the game’s official website.

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