Mortal Online 2 – Out Now!

Star Vault were ‘thrilled’ to announce that Mortal Online 2 launches today. Star Vault's hardcore sandbox MMORPG hits full release.

Star Vault were ‘thrilled’ to announce that Mortal Online 2 launches today. The result of over a decade of continuous development, Mortal Online 2 is a hardcore first person sandbox MMORPG fit to burst with deep crafting, role playing and combat systems to master, and a massive open world to master them in, players are now free to stake their claim in the reborn world of Nave.

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Day 1 patch contents After a series of patches over the winter that included a fully blown housing system, a fishing system in all rivers and lakes, new creatures, bosses, dungeons and a personal journal recording your adventures in the open world – the Day 1 Patch is here. Featuring massive bosses, detailed face customization, more dungeons, more fauna, an armour set called ‘Draconigena Armatus’ and a boat load of hidden secrets, Nave has never been more alive.

Skill is the key to survival as the entire world of Nave is an open PvP and PvE space, and at over 6 times the playable area of the original Mortal Online, there’s room to run but not to hide. Battle the living open world around you as well as other players in skill-based real-time combat that players have loved for the last decade.

Stake your claim using Mortal Online 2’s house building system that let’s players construct and decorate their own houses in the open world where they can shelter from the elements and rest after a hard day’s adventuring. But beware, your keep isn’t safe from unannounced visits by Nave’s savage wildlife and other players, so keep your allies close and protect your plot.

Choose your legacy and become a master fisherman, crafter, fighter, spell caster or anything in between. Mortal Online 2‘s intricate and deep skill systems let players choose a huge number of paths from a vast set of possible skill combinations, enabling you to play the role you want and stamp your legacy onto the world of Nave.

Our very own Liam Hanson has been reviewing Mortal Online 2 – keep an eye out, we’ll be publishing soon!