Fight through a time-bending post-apocalypse in Histera

Histera is a free-to-play, rapid-fire multiplayer shooter featuring dynamic deathmatch arenas that transform as you fight!

Histera, the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer fps, recently released an all-new showcase, the third so far, of their exciting deathmatch game. This showcase has the devs examining some of the design challenges and explaining more about the dynamically shifting and changing maps of the game and how they are affected by the game’s primary mechanic, ‘The Glitch’.

In the video we hear from Sander, one of the artists working in the game’s art department. He goes over the focus on capturing varied historical eras, and the difficulties that come with trying to mesh these randomly triggered map changes to each other so that everything still flows and doesn’t clash, but still feels distinct.

He also gives a look at the backstory of the game: ‘With the world in a state of ruin, the rich and powerful have abandoned the earth. Those remaining look for shelter in protective domes, and are forced to fight[…]for a change to escape.’

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Histera looks to be an exciting arena deathmatch game where players fight to the death in arenas that shift and change around you as you fight. The unique ‘Glitch’ mechanic procedurally re-generates maps during matches, and portions of the map will shift and change between several different time periods as matches progress.

If you want to download the time-bending and feverish Histera as soon as it’s available, feel free to wishlist the game on Steam, and you can follow the development of the game on StickyLock Games’ Youtube and Twitter, and get involved on Discord.