Explore an abandoned mental hospital in Afterlife VR

Immersive VR horror game Afterlife VR is launching into Early Access! This blood-chillding story claims to ‘make you question your own senses and experience the true essence of terror’. In this upcoming title, you play as a newbie police officer (no, not Leon), out on a routine nightly patrol, and you get a call that will start a chain of events that will change and chill you. You’re called to Black Rose mental hospital, where you will find hidden secrets that, by the end, you may want to stay hidden! 

An official plot description reads; ‘What is really lurking behind the door of a well-known mental facility, where Adam’s younger sister, Allison, was recently sent? Is there any connection between missing patients and hospital workers and the groundbreaking study about the Indigo Children phenomena? Uncover the secrets hidden deep within the Black Rose mental hospital walls, where most of the patients pose a threat to themselves and to others. Look into the eyes of pure madness intrinsically linked with this place and its history.’

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Flashlight? Check. Haunted Mental Hospital? Check.

The game is set to feature a ‘blood-chilling story that will make you question your own senses’, complex puzzles that will take advantage of VR motion controllers and the telekinetic abilities of the protagonist. Of course there will be scary encounters with enemies, and a variety of ways to take them on, be it using firearms or your abilities. 

As the game enters Early Access, the devs have said that ‘Afterlife VR will be available in Early Access for approximately 1 to 2 months.’ The full version of the game will launch with German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian translations, improved and tweaked mechanics for escaping from the ghost stalking you from the shadows, the ability to find, collect and store the notes in player inventory, and features and improvements passed back to the devs during the initial early access period.

You can pick up or wishlist the game right now on Steam, and follow the development on Twitter or the studio’s official site!

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