The Tale of Onogoro Video Game

The Tale of Onogoro is Finally Coming to SteamVR

Japanese studio Amata K.K. just announced that their popular title, The Tale of Onogoro will be having its SteamVR release later this year. The game’s Steam store page has also been launched in conjunction with this announcement.

The Tale of Onogoro was created by producer/director Hiromichi Takahashi and the development team behind the VR Escape-the-Room game Last Labyrinth–with the latter has since received numerous accolades at game and VR events worldwide due to its unique VR experience.

The Tale of Onogoro Video Game

The game combines traditional Japanese culture and steampunk elements to create its unique world. Imagine Shadow of The Colossus meets, well, Attack on Titan. This made more sense in my mind.

As the anime protagonist, you’ve been summoned-nay, ‘isekai-d’ by high priestess Haru to Onogoro Island, a floating island in a parallel world. Together, you’ll encounter an array of challenges in the form of sprawling puzzles, often unforgiving terrain, and giant beasts called “Kami”–ferocious beasts that stand in your way.

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The Tale of Onogoro Video Game

The SteamVR version of the game features added graphic options such as high-resolution rendering, soft-shadow effect enhancements, as well as extra post-processing effects. These specifically cater to gamers with higher-end rigs, and thus, demand a higher-quality experiences

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The Tale of Onogoro was first released worldwide via the Meta Quest Store last March 17, 2022. It will be available on SteamVR and PlayStation®VR in late 2023. For more information, check out the official Steam page.