Protect your fortress with dark magic in Ankh Tower!

Build and defend your fortress in this dark fantasy roguelike strategy title where you play as a mysterious wizard that is the only one able to defeat the evil powers that attack the tower each night. From Dreamway Games of Espresso Tycoon, this side-scrolling action game mixes tower defence and action in a novel way. You must build the tower as high as you can to escape the monsters on the ground. Each floor has different capabilities; some offering defence, some offering offence and some offering resources.

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As time goes on the monsters will destroy the tower floor by floor, starting at the bottom, so it’s up to you to keep building to stay on top of things (literally!) On the roof of the tower is Ankh, an ancient artefact you must protect that gives you power. You can upgrade this to access more power and floors for the tower, however; permadeath makes every decision you make important.

Every night the monsters get stronger, so you have to match them as the game progresses, there are even bosses which make things even more crazy. You can use magic to fight off the monsters, as well as the archers and defence floors you can build as you go. ‘We want each player to take a journey into a deeply mystical universe full of dark magic, brutal enemies, and evil powers. With procedurally generated gameplay – each subsequent play-through brings a different challenge, starting conditions, and the environment that strengthens or weakens each element.” – say Wojciech Roszkowiak and Piotr Szwach, makers of Ankh Tower.  ‘A player has to think a few steps ahead to prepare for the next monster waves and survive.’ – they add.

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Ankh Tower is planned for release in 2023, and you can wishlist the game now on Steam or visit the official website for more info.

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