Fight to the beat in Rhythm-based looter-shooter Soundfall!

Noodlecake and Drastic Games showed off a new trailer for their unique looter-shooter and rhythm-game hybrid Soundfall. Revealed during The MIX’s 10th anniversary showcase, this new trailer gives players a short look at what they can expect from the upcoming title.

When players delve into the world of Symphonia, where the game is based, they will find that timing actions to the beat of the music is the best way to win. Soundfall features over 100 songs, and supports importing custom tracks on PC. Each of the five playable characters the game offers has their own unique abilities, weapons and play styles and with over 500 pieces of equipment to gather, there’s plenty to do and enjoy in this musically-infused world.

Soundfall allows players to fight with up to three players in multiplayer. You play as Melody, a Guardian of Harmony transported to Symphonia by the Composers to battle the forces of Discord. 

Soundfall will be available very soon, with a release window pegged for Spring 2022, you can enjoy the game on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S/One and PlayStation 4/5. If you want to follow the game’s development go to their Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to check out the new trailer for more, as well as wishlisting the game on Steam.

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