FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel has you solve a supernatural mystery

Maxima Games and Pulsatrix Studios have invited players to the St. Dinfna Hotel later this year when FOBIA launches on PS4/5, Xbox One/X|S and PC. In the game, you play as a journalist fighting against the supernatural in a haunted hotel. As the game progresses, you will discover that this place hides a mystery much bigger and darker than you could have suspected.

Maximum Games is the publisher behind titles like Kena and the Bridge of Spirits, Among Us and FNAF, and has now brought on Brazillian developer Pulsatrix for this title. In FOBIA, the past, present and future combine to create interesting puzzles and mysteries, and players must use their camera to uncover clues, travel through time (a la Blair Witch) and defend yourself against the horrors of this hotel (a la Fatal Frame). It’s an exciting premise with a lot of promise. 

The game was given its latest trailer during The MIX Showcase, and it also had brand-new key art revealed. The game has a demo that you can play right now on Steam, and whilst you’re there you can wishlist the game to keep up with when it releases. Other ways you can keep up with the game is through Twitter or the game’s official website.

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