Freedom Planet 2 is Fast, Furious, and Fun

GalaxyTrail is bringing back the heroes of Avalice as they face their greatest challenge in Freedom Planet 2.

GalaxyTrail is bringing back the heroes of Avalice as they face their greatest challenge in Freedom Planet 2. This time, Merga, a terrible, ancient water dragon has emerged from the depths of the ocean, freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone’s destruction. 

In this fast-paced sequel, you’re given control of four playable characters from the start, each with her own unique fighting style: Lilac the Dragon (Speed Type), Carol the Wildcat (Brawler Type), Milla the Hound (Explorer Type), and Neera the Frost Knight (Power Type).

Freedom Planet 2 Video Game

The game is once again set in the world of Avalice. Adventure mode allows players to travel through a sprawling world map filled with treasures, landmarks, and over 100 unique animal NPCs. Players can unlock Classic Mode after completing Adventure mode once. This streamlines the navigation screen and gives you quick access to stages and other important features without the need for travelling.

The Battlesphere Arena caters to all things combat. It offers a variety of challenges featuring enemies and bosses you’ve previously encountered, along with brand new surprises.

The new Guard button allows you to parry, with the perfect timing, of course. If that’s not quite your speed, an Auto Guard option in the Assist settings makes defense a bit easier.

Freedom Planet 2 Video Game

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Lastly, a new, consumable Revival System gives you a chance to clinch victory during very close battles. Powering up is easy and efficient with customizable potions that you can mix yourself–yielding powerful buffs or recovery boosts. Equippable Amulets and Charms provide helpful effects, while Brave Stones make combat harder in exchange for bonus crystals. It’s not a race, it’s still a marathon–but with speed on your side, it’s way more fun.

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Freedom Planet 2 is available on PC through and Steam.