Get healthy to the beat in Groove Fit Island!

The exciting new single-player VR rhythm fitness game Groove Fit Island has officially released this week! You’ve arrived at the titular island and find it inhabited by animals who love fitness and love music, so I suppose it makes sense why the island is called that. This game will put you through your paces, and looks to be inspired by games like Rhythm Heaven, so if you know a Rhythm Heaven fan with a love for VR, this is the game to send their way!

Groove Fit Island Video Game

The developers of the game, the folks at Imacreate Co, recommend this game to a variety of people, including those who want a quick and easy play or workout session, lovers of music games and lovers of unique animal characters. They emphasise the exercise focus of this game and say that it’s a perfect light workout for anyone looking for a fun way to get fit!

‘Groove Fit’ is the name of a traditional sport on this island, and you’ll be challenged to do it many times over the course of the game, including activities such as ‘tennis, boxing, and baseball, there are also unique groove fits such as pizza delivery, fishing, and kendama.’ You can track your calories burned after each groove fit and see your overall progress as you play, and those with a competitive streak can compete with players around the world for scores and calories burned. Finally, for VR fans, there’s VRoidHub linkage support, so you can play the game with your favourite avatar without needing mods or a third party program.

Most popular news:

The game is available now on Steam for $29.99, and you can keep up with development of the game on Twitter.

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