Get Ready to Play Your Cards Right in Foretales

French studio Alkemi have teamed up with Dear Villagers to deliver a deck building anthropomorphic adventure in the form of Foretales. Scheduled to be popping up across Steam Next Fest with a playable demo in June, this deck based narrative adventure has a few cards up its sleeve when it comes to interactive story telling. 

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Image Credit: Dear Villagers

‘splorate that deck

Foretales’ most exciting feature is it’s ‘decksploration’ mechanic that puts a deck of character cards into players’ hands to explore the game world through, creating multiple story paths that resolve in a variety of different ways. Save the world or break it – up to you. Pack this up with a cast of wonderfully designed characters including a gorilla called Karst, an elephant named Isabea and a bow-wielding tiger called Léo who looks like Prince John from the classic Disney animation was cast as Robin Hood instead, and Steam Next Fest can’t come soon enough.

If that wasn’t enough already, Foretales has the legendary Christophe Héral of Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman Legends fame on soundtrack duties. The narrator’s part is played by VA heavyweight Travis Willingham who you might recognise as Kingpin from Spiderman: Miles Morales, the rattler from The Last of Us: Part II or Jul M’Dama from Halo 4 and 5. Marvel at his behemoth of an IMDb page here.

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Cards on the Table

Foretales has a free demo coming out for Steam Next Fest and will be adventuring around SNF’s press and public events from June 13th to 20th. Fans on Inscryption should definitely keep their eyes on this one, you can wishlist it through the link below:

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