Where Do You Want to Set Up Your First Coffee Shop?

Dreamway Games want players to espresso their opinions and vote for the in-game location that the prologue to Espresso Tycoon will take place in. Have your say before its too late! 

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Image Credit: Dreamway Games

Its a Long Way to Go for Coffee but its Worth It

Fancy becoming a coffee shop tycoon? Have your say in where your journey to perfectly filtered riches begins by voting for 1 of 6 locations; Tokyo, a New York park, underwater in Sydney (shout out to our sponsor climate change), a 5 star hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, or a subway station in Cape Town. 


The devs have also been busy batch roasting a couple shots of new features for the prologue, building on the foundation laid by the demo including:

  • Options to save and load
  • New snacks to sell 
  • New toppings in the coffee editor
  • A stats window to better monitor your performance
  • Coffee machines
  • Multiple baristas to employ
  • 180 more decorations so players can design the coffee shop of their dreams!

Most popular news:

Prendiamo un caffè

You can play the free demo for Espresso Tycoon on Steam now but if you want to wait until the prologue releases to grind your way to the top then hit that wishlist button. 

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