Have A Nice Death: Coming March 2022

Amongst other announcements at The Game Awards in 2021, such as Planet of Lana, comes indie development studio Magic Design’s Have a Nice Death. A hand-drawn 2D action rogue-lite that has players stepping into the black robes of Death, Founder and CEO of Death Incorporated, a corporate empire that processes souls for the afterlife. 

According to an official story description; ‘Death’s top executives, the Sorrows, have been running rampant on Earth’s surface, blatantly ignoring company protocols, leaving him buried in an underworld-sized mountain of paperwork. Now, in order to regain control of his company and soul-ply chain, as well as secure a much-needed vacation, he will need to traverse the various departments of Death Incorporated and remind his unruly subordinates who’s boss.’

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Have a Nice Death is a procedurally-generated 2D roguelike platformer with fast-paced hack-and-slash combat with over 30 weapons and spells, all of which can be upgraded and combined to forge your own unique playstyle. 

The game’s low-colour 2D art style is what made it catch our eye, with wonderfully-realised animations in combat and friendly characters like Death’s secretary ‘Pump Quinn’. This art design and realisation feels like a step-up from Magic Design’s previous game ‘Unruly Heroes’, and is sure to be one of the big selling points.

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Have a Nice Death looks to be an addicting roguelike, launching into early access this March. Wishlist on Steam via the link below.

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