Histera: Gameplay Update Shows Off Development Progress

Histera: Fall of Human has been on our radar since the teaser trailer released back in 2021. Why? Because it revolves around an ambitious mechanic called ‘the glitch’ that promises to procedurally re-generate the map around players as they battle it out in online multiplayer matches. Other big budget franchises such as Battlefield have attempted to tackle the design challenge of dynamic maps through mechanics such as ‘Levolution’ with varied but occasionally spectacular results, but Histera is the first FPS we’ve come across that leans into this as a foundational feature around which the rest of the game is built. 

It makes perfect sense for an indie with limited budget and manpower as well – build one map filled with modular sections and swap them out during gameplay for a near infinite number of randomly generated map configurations. It’s a scalable solution that could serve StickyLock extremely well when Histera releases and begins to establish and grow a playerbase. There’s also the approach to those modular map sections that stands out. As the compound title Hist-era suggests, terrain is spawned in from 3 different historical eras. The ones that have already been announced include prehistoric jungle; ‘The Pliocene Plateau’, World War II era cities; ‘War Torn Novgorod’ and near future urban environment; ‘Montorro City’ that remind me of New Mombasa from Halo 3: ODST.

Will it work out in practice? Too early to tell, but by the looks of this Gameplay Update, despite the challenges of working through some eye watering lockdown restrictions, it’s starting to come together, and I for one can’t wait to jump in and try it for myself.

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