Gang Beasts Toys Set To Launch Summer 2022

Gaming collectors – this one’s for you! Following the success of the official Among Us toy partnership, the London-based entertainment company Toikido has partnered with British indie game publisher Boneloaf to launch a range of official merchandise for the popular party game, Gang Beasts. Similar to the merch for Among Us, Toikido have teased a selection from toys, plushies, apparel, action figures, and more for the indie beat ‘em up, with an expected launch date of Summer 2022.

Toikido will be joined by PMI Ltd. as the manufacturing partner, having previously partnered together for the launch of the official Among Us merchandise.

 “We are seeing how friends and family love to share the silliness and fun of Gang Beasts,” says Omer Dekel, VP of International Sales at PMI Ltd, “and with Toikido, we are planning on delivering a full line of toy products that will be just as much fun for the game’s fans.”

About Gang Beasts

Set in Beef City, the 2017 physics-based multiplayer game pits players against one another in both online and local multiplayer for silly slapstick shenanigans. 

Each jelly-like character can be customised with new outfits – from cat onesies to funky helmets and hairstyles – and must survive against the odds, whether it’s against their foes or against the ridiculously hazardous environments (from the dizzying heights of a skyscraper to the top of a moving train). Oh, and sharks, thanks to the latest Trawler stage update in December 2021. 

The indie game has garnered huge popularity with a cult following, launching in Early Access in 2014 before its official full launch in December 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4, before reaching the Xbox One in March 2019. 

Gang Beasts currently sits at over 28,000 positive reviews on Steam alone at the time of writing.

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