Identity V Chinese New Year’s Update

Identity V, published by NetEase (publishers of gigantic mobile games such as Marvel Super War and LifeAfter, as well as being part of the development of some of the most popular games in china, including having previously partnered with Blizzard and Microsoft), have announced a new update to celebrate Chinese New Year! This update brings with it new characters, costumes, activities and many other exciting updates for players of this 4v1 asymmetrical battle game. 

This spooky mobile multiplayer game first released in 2018 will see the addition of a new regulator, just called ‘clown’. This is also paired with a new survivor named ‘weeping clown’. 

Weeping Clown has several abilities that make them a real contender on the battlefield, an official description is listed below:

‘Rocket:“Weeping Clown” carries a Rocket that can propel him forward at the cost of decreased agility during the dash. If he runs into other Survivors while dashing, he can propel them forward together.

Explosion: The unmanned rocket will explode in scenes or meeting with regulators, and survivors in the range will be boosted for 2 seconds, and the movement speed will be increased by 30%. Regulators in the range will be attacked with 2-second shock with a 50% drop in movement speed. When regulators are around the explosion center, the attack will be 2-second dizziness.’

But it’s not all positives, with all give there must be take, and there’s an important caveat to these abilities:

‘All Thumbs: “Weeping Clown” is clumsy and terrible with machines. Decoding speed is decreased by 10%.’

You can find a trailer for these new characters right here:

But these new characters aren’t the only change; Along with them comes Season 3 Essence 19, which features these new characters along with a whole new story segment, and a host of new updates including costumes, abilities and events. A trailer for Season 3 Essence 19 can be found here:

An official description of some of the new items coming to the game reads: ‘Season 19 essence 3 will come online on January 20, including a large number of new costumes such as:

  • The “Weeping Clown” S Costume – Swallow of Deception
  • “The Dream Witch ” A Costume – Paper Queen
  • “Little Girl” A Costume – Aging’

It’s an exciting time for players of Identity V,  To learn more about Identity V, please visit:

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