Old-school survival horror SENSEs: Midnight gets a release date!

Sequel to SENSEs: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, this game has been a while coming, and fans of classic survival horror should definitely keep their eyes on this one. Revealed during the eastasiasoft Midsummer 2022 Showcase, SENSEs: Midnight not only has a full trailer but a release date and price! Developed by SUZAKU Games with art and character designs by Benjamin Widdowson, this is a standalone entry that’s accessible to new and old players.

SENSEs: Midnight Survival Game

According to an official game description; ‘SENSEs: Midnight turns back the clock on survival horror with old-school tank controls and fixed camera angles while presenting its haunting narrative in immersive 3D style. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk vision of future Tokyo, SENSEs: Midnight casts the player as a university student with a passion for occult and paranormal phenomena. While in Japan visiting family, she looks into a local urban legend but quickly gets in over her head, awakening vengeful spirits who pursue her through a lonely night of terror in Ikebukuro Walking Park.’

Mixing a futuristic modern cyberpunk setting with classic survival horror mechanics and gameplay, you’re tasked with exploring the park and discovering the story via the environment and lore drops. With limited inventory slots you must carefully decide what you want to take and keep, hide from persuers and solve puzzles. There is only one place where you can safely save your game, so be aware of the time at all times.

Most popular news:

The game is available on Steam for wishlisting, and when it’s available later this month, on July 22nd, it will cost only ten dollars.


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