OlliOlli World launches February 8th

Get ready to flip, grind, and launch yourself into a brand new skateboarding platformer, as the highly anticipated indie action platformer OlliOlli World launches on February 8th 2022. 

Developed by the BAFTA award-winning indie game studio Roll7, and published by Private Division, OlliOlli World promises players a vivid world full of skating personality. Traverse the brightly coloured environments with sick tricks, kicks, and flips galore as you explore the exciting world of Radlandia in search of the mystical gods of Gnarvana on your trusty board. 


This highly-stylised precision platformer contains missions, challenges, and quests for players of all abilities, whether you’re looking to compete against challengers in skating races, or just go with the flow in sandbox mode. For anyone who grew up with Line Rider, this game will be right up your… skatepark.

Where can I play OlliOlli World?

OlliOlli World is set to launch on February 8th 2022 on Steam (for PC), PlayStation and Xbox console, and Nintendo Switch.

Pre-orders for OlliOlli World are available now, unlocking exclusive items for players who purchase before launch, including everything from new clothing and tattoos to skate decks, to really stand out from the skateboarding crowd.

In addition, publisher Private Division has revealed the OlliOlli World Rad Edition, which will include the base game as well as access to the two OlliOlli World expansions (chalked up for Summer and Autumn 2022), and a Rad Edition exclusive “Close Encounter” skate deck.

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