IndieLand 2021: Gestalt Steam & Cinder

Developed by Metamorphosis Games and published by Sold Out, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a 2D platformer and action RPG set in a steampunk world.

Developed by Metamorphosis Games and published by Sold Out, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a 2D platformer and action RPG set in a steampunk world. With the date of release set in 2021, let’s explore this story-focused and action-packed game.

Gestalt Steam & Cinder
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While Sold Out has a few games under its belt, Metamorphosis Games is just starting out with this action-adventure RPG, in which you play as Aletheia and her friends. The inspirations for Gestalt: Steam & Cinder are the classic 16 and 32-bit games, and the core feature is the plot, which, according to the developers, is filled with twists.

Metamorphosis Games’ logo
Metamorphosis Games’ logo

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See the Meteor, BE the Meteor

Because of an accident, Aletheia was charged with energy; the same energy has also caused the machines of the City of Canaan to awaken. Now augmented, Aletheia can protect Canaan’s inhabitants from one danger after another.

The City of Canaan is the setting of your adventure

The goal of the game is to investigate Canaan and stop the overseers of the city from carrying out their nefarious plans. As Aletheia performs a job after job as a mercenary, she will learn more about her city and the twisted truths built into its foundations. The developers promise a lot of fleshed-out characters for you to interact with as you make narrative-changing decisions that can affect Aletheia or those around her. 


Aletheia is a superhuman soldier, which is to say, a mercenary. Naturally, a core element of the gameplay is fighting. Aletheia has an arsenal of weapons, which you will improve as you defeat new enemies, earn scrap, and buy new accessories. Aletheia can focus on melee attacks, rely mostly on guns, or combine the two in a varied combat system.

Your local friendly smith

Moreover, this is an RPG, in which you gain experience and use it to allocate points to improve Aletheia’s skills. The developers promise a wide variety of possible player builds through a combination of items and level-ups, allowing plenty of room for player expression and encouraging you to find your own playstyle that will help you rip through the hordes of enemies in your path.

Customise your playstyle

Don’t forget about platforming! Aletheia is, apparently, good at parkour. You will be able to dodge, roll, and use the environment to jump and double jump as you clear out the levels of this side-scroller.

Jump, roll, dodge, fight; with your superhuman abilities, these enemies don’t stand a chance!


The style of the game is undeniably steampunk; you can see that in everytrhing, from the heavily stylised character design, through to the lore.

You are not the only enhanced person in this city

The settings and the enemies are also clearly inspired by the steam-powered technology of the past. 2D pixel graphics assist in creating a retro-futuristic world for you to explore.

One of your future enemies; a steampunk monstrosity of a machine

The backgrounds are diverse; you will explore the city streets and forests, warehouses and dungeons.

A forest as a backdrop to your mercenary duties

And when the mission is finished, you return to a tavern or travel the safer streets of the city in search of better equipment.

The tavern for you to relax in, talk and get new tasks


Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is an RPG that allows you to create your own build while exploring the City of Canaan and fighting enemies. The steampunk atmosphere of the side-scroller offers new opportunities for enemies and backdrops to your battles. Fighting and platforming will be the core elements of gameplay, and the plot is central to the game with its twists and fate-changing decisions. Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is supposed to come out on Switch and PC in 2021.

Check out the game’s Steam page and Sold Out’s page.